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3 Things That Make Digital Printing a Better Option than Traditional Printing

With the introduction of digital technology, getting information in print today has become a lot easier than ever before. The conventional procedures of offset printing & letterpress which used to be a recognized option for large businesses years back have now been exceeded by digital printing. This’s due to the economically feasible way of digital printing in producing small runs. Indeed, digital printing is now the most favored type of printing for both small & large businesses for their marketing elements. Below mentioned are a few benefits of digital printing for businesses today.

As you every business day by day gets new market and opportunities and thing about new promotion ideas. Digital Printings assimilate these thoughts to give it a Design, colors and shape. As the business deals with large number of audience and it needs bulk and selective printed materials. Why one should look for a Digital printing!

Some Key Printing Factors –

  • Printing turnaround time is shorter
  • No Manual counting – Accuracy on what you ordered
  • Customizable Prints with Quality
  • Reduced manual effort like in Traditional Printing
  • More Go-Green attribute as the Materials are very much recycled

Few other factors which are important while talking about printing:

Decreased printing expenses:

One of the most considerable benefits of digital printing is the decrease in printing expenses. Offset printing is rather costly in comparison to digital printing. Offset printing needs installation fees & plates to be made, whereas digital printing needs no installation fees. Therefore, there’s a great expense reduction, particularly for small amount of printing needs. Marketing elements like brochures and flyers, business cards and forms now can be printed digitally at considerable savings. Furthermore, full-color printing can be possible as you’d have if you were doing black & white.

Speed of printing:

With the easy & decreased steps in digital printing, now prints can be made faster than ever before. Digital printing doesn’t have to go through the installation procedure that’s needed in offset printing. Therefore, you can go for as much printing as you need and get them available on the same day. This’s true particularly as the majority of the printing needs of businesses are of the retail quantity that’ll demand a higher expenditure if done conventionally.

Print flexibility:

A majority of the printing needs of both large and small scale businesses are supposed for advertising. They all target to hit different markets to tryout a product. Typically, these elements should be customized to make them useful for their targeted market. This’s something that the conventional procedures would find tough to deal with. Nonetheless, with digital printing, customization is absolutely possible as the info isn’t imprinted in the master.

For high-quality digital printing in NC, you can always rely on Express Graphics. Express Graphics is one stop solution for bulk printings of marketing Posters, Advertising banners, Coroplast Yard Signs, Tradeshow Displays. We’re your one-stop local source for event & marketing graphics with free-shipping in the continental United States. No digital printing project is too small or too big for us. We handle each and every project with equal importance. For any help, feel free to reach us on (336) 765-9335.



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